How to network unlock Galaxy S4 I9505 with Android 5.0.1 (Lollipop) for free?

I9505 cannot be easily unlocked using *#0011# service menu, as the firmware forbids it.

There is actually very simple method to network unlock the phone.

Step 1: flash older modem – ME2

  1. Download Odin for flashing Samsung phones
  2. Download ME2 modem.
  3. Enter download mode on your phone (turn off and turn on while holding volume down button)
  4. Flash ME2 modem as AP/PDA in ODIN

After doing so, your phone is ready to be network unlocked.

Step 2: unlocking the phone

To unlock the phone, you need to be rooted. Don’t worry, it’s pretty easy and you can remove root after doing so. There are various methods to do so like cf-auto-root, but the simplest one I found is using KingRoot:

  1. Download Kingroot for mobile
  2. Copy and install it on your phone (you have to have enabled unknown sources). Or install it using Play store.
  3. Download and install RegionLock Away – either using Play Store to support the developer or just the APK.
  4. Run Kingroot and let it autoroot your phone. Have it disconnected from USB, it did not work for me while being connected. If it does not work on first try, try it once or twice more.
  5. When you are rooted, run RegionLock away.
  6. Select to unlock your phone, wait for the prompt to give Root access and that’s it. Prompt for root access may be a little sloved down, so you might need to give the permission and run RegionLock away once more.
  7. Turn off your phone, insert SIM card and that’s it, your phone should be unlocked.

After going thru all the steps, you can flash once again the new modem or entire new rom you had on your phone previously or do a hard reset to delete Root.

Links for ME2 modem and how to flash it
This guys post on XDA

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