Fiil Carat (non-pro version) Review – designer wireless earphones

So I got my hands on pair of brand new Fiil Carat. These are marketed as premium headphones with unique design and „audiophile quality“ sound – there I’m not sure, if this is feature of just the PRO version or even the regular ones. Fiil is not very well known brand, at least not in Europe, so let’s see what these have to offer 🙂 Package contents The packaging is, simply put, beautiful – even from first look, you’d expect to receive premium product. Headphones are visible right away, which is great to show off unique design on store shelves. Contents on the other hand are pretty standard – you get headphones itself, some earwings and eartips (4 pairs of each, including the ones on the headphones), over the ear clip for better hold, microUSB cable, cable clip to shorten the cable connecting each earpiece, replacement USB port cover (more on this **** later) and nylon/neoprene carrying pouch. I’d prefer hard case, considering that headphones offer magnetic design to hold each other together, which also turns them off. And you know what happens, when you clip the headphones together to turn it off and put it in a cloth bag? Yeah, those get separated, turned on and connected to phone again… So if you use the bag, you’ll still need […]