How to fix Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 with SpenCommand (and maybe otherapps) due to wrongly assigned MAC address (00:90:4c:c5:12:38) on Lineage OS

So few days back I got used Note 10.1 2014 as it was best bang for the buck. Unfortunately, it runs old Android 5.1 which is latest official release to day (and ever). As I for both usage and security reasons I decided to update to latest Lineage OS 14.1 (formerly Cyanogenmod). One of the drawbacks of Lineage is not complete support for Spen. Don’t get me wrong, spen works fine to draw in some apps, but does not show hover cursor, button doesn’t work, etc… I wanted full functionality and found out, that best app to do so is SpenCommand. For SpenCommand you need to have rooted device – I won’t get into specifics how to root, there is plenty of articles about that. I went with SuperSU variant. Unfortunately after rooting and running SpenCommand, it did not work. The error given, after few minutes of „searching“ wait sign, was „unable to find initial hardware information“. In beta version, similar information was shown directly in app after about 30s. I got in touch with developer via facebook (whow, how fast this guy replies to requests 🙂 and found out, that issue might be with Wifi, as it’s used to detect the device. At this time, I found out, that my wifi has been assigned MAC address 00:90:4c:c5:12:38, which is […]